Full Terms of Purchase

By making a purchase, you agree to the following...

1. Definitions

1.1. The 'buyer' refers to the individual who has issued a payment 'via PayPal'.

1.2. The 'seller' refers to Allergic to Time, the provider of the 'content'.

1.3 The 'content' refers to the digital song files that form the music release, the title of which is stated on the corresponding PayPal purchase web page.

1.4. The 'URL', 'download URL' and 'download link' all refer to the temporary download web link that is provided after purchase. It provides access to the content.

1.5. The term 'via PayPal' refers to use of an official PayPal purchase page (i.e. a PayPal hyperlink located on http://allergictotime.com or one of its sub-directories) in order to facilitate the purchase of the content.

2. Terms of use

2.1. Direct album purchase is facilitated securely via PayPal. After receiving payment, a temporary download link will be emailed to the buyer and will include both WAV and MP3 formats of each song forming the content. The download URL AND the content may only be used by the buyer and should NOT be shared (see Section 2.7) with anyone else.

2.2. The download link only works temporarily, meaning that once purchased, song files should be downloaded as soon as the URL is provided. This URL is given in an email that is sent to the email address that was used by the buyer to issue payment for the content via PayPal. The duration in which the URL provides a working download link to the content will be specified in this email. After this period, it is at the seller's discretion as to whether another download link will be given.

2.3. The buyer is permitted to store ONE backup copy of each of the song files. However, the buyer agrees that such a backup copy AND the original downloaded files will be kept secure and private. As such, the storage of any of these files via the internet (including, but not limited to, the use of cloud services) is NOT permitted.

2.4. The duration of the URL providing a working download link may be reduced, but only in the event of suspicious activity - including, but not limited to, abnormal website traffic to the URL - as determined by the seller.

2.5. The seller will only provide the download URL after receiving payment for the content via PayPal.

2.6. Due to the nature of digital files, once the content is purchased, no refund can be issued.

2.7. After purchase, the buyer is provided with the content and is allowed to use it for private use ONLY, including the storage of ONE backup copy of each file (see Section 2.3). The buyer is NOT allowed to reproduce, adapt, modify, reformat, create derivative works from, distribute, introduce into circulation, sell, publish, license, sublicense, transfer, lease, publicly display/perform, or broadcast the content in any form.

2.8. Payments completed through any source that is NOT via PayPal (see Section 1.5) for the content are not allowed and could result in the buyer's loss of funds. The seller will NOT be held responsible.

2.9. Direct purchase is only available for the entire content. Individual song tracks cannot be purchased.